Beginning Sunday, October 11, The River will move to a new time – 3:00-5:00 p.m. This move is being made to accommodate youth who belong to other churches and want to attend their regular youth meetings on Sunday evenings.

The River is a non-denominational arts-based youth program sponsored by Mountain View UMC. The goal is to help 6th-12th grade youth expand their existing art skills or explore new skills, and to use those skills to express themselves and their feelings about life, the world, and their walk with Christ.

The arts can include visual arts, music, theater, literary arts, photography or even videography. Projects can involve the whole group, small groups or individually. Venues for exhibiting or performing will be identified as projects are completed and will be based on the most appropriate venue. Participation in any exhibition or performance is voluntary.

If you or a youth you know are interested in learning more about The River, we’d love to visit with you.  Stop by our next meeting or drop us an email at theriveryouthatmvumc @ Gmail . Com.


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