img_20151204_160601.jpg*cue Mission Impossible theme song in background*

Good day, River Members:

We have discovered that some people – especially younger people like your peers – think anything “Church-ish” is just too black and white, starting to fade, and even too old fashioned for their tastes. Some are even exhibiting signs of boredom here and there.  Still others seem to lack awareness about Church altogether.  The Director *pointing skyward and mouthing “Big Guy Upstairs”* has called for His best agents (that’s you guys) to straighten this out.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be “Praising In Color”. Before we begin this mission, you’ll need:

  • To determine your favorite contemporary or traditional Christian song
  • Find and write down or print out the lyrics for that song
  • put your thinking caps on

This mission is fraught with dangers like … well, no … not really.  BUT … there will be hot air, crazy youth leaders, and thinking outside the box.  Should be a good time!

PS: This message probably won’t self-destruct. We need it to hang around for awhile, but imagine it will if you want to.   *Boom*



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