We’re going to begin our video project following Praising In Color 2.  You’ll need to do the following:

As a group:

  • Decide on a general theme (Praise, Worship, etc.)
  • Come up with a list of possible songs to use as a sound track (the song must be available for purchase and download from Amazon).
  • Decide, as a group, on one of the songs.
  • Discuss possible visual images that you think will help viewers understand the story the lyrics are telling.


  • Once the song has been decided, begin gathering images to use in the video.  You can:
    • Take photos
    • Make short video clips
    • Create art pieces that you can photograph
    • Create computer generated graphics (must be original using your own designs or photos)
  • You cannot:
    • Use already created graphics, memes, or photos you find on the Internet (copyright issues!)

Once you’ve collected enough images, we will be working together to compile them all into a video.

You can submit songs to be considered on our Facebook page or on Instagram (be sure to tag @theriveryouthatmvumc). Please include the name of the song and the artist’s name, a link to a video of the song, and/or a link to the lyric page if available. The song should be Christian or reflect Christian values (oldie but goodie example would be “Man In The Mirror”). It needs to tell a story rather than just repeat the same verse and chorus over and over.

Once we have chosen a song, we’ll listen to and discuss it as a group, then work independently to gather images and videos that will be edited together to make our video. The device you use to take the videos is your choice, but we will need all images to be in digital format in order to edit them into a video.

Stay tuned for updates and more information as we move forward. In the meantime, put on your headphones and fond us a soundtrack (song)!

Some links to help get you started in planning this out:


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