Our walk in the light isn’t supposed to be just on Sundays, but sometimes things – school, extra activities, friends, family, work, life – distract us from that walk.  That doesn’t mean we can’t participate in those things. It just means we need to find ways to help us focus on our faith walk all the days in between.

Here are a few resources to fill up Monday through Saturday while you’re busy doing that other stuff.

Take the 30-Day Music Challenge!

getyourworshiponair1Find a station like K-Love or Air1 (my personal choice is Air1) that play only contemporary praise and worship music (no sermons, no bad news, only positive info)  and listen to those stations exclusively for 30 days. (If you don’t have radio access, you can play them on your computer or phone through the K-Love Online Player or the Air1 Online Player.)

Want a little more control over the music you’re hearing, like choosing style or even band/artist? We recommend Spotify (we’re developing our own playlists there in addition to tons more already available), Amazon Prime (numerous contemporary Christian artists are available through Amazon Prime for free to Prime subscribers) and, for you Indie lovers, New Release Today (explore new/rising independent Christian recording artists and even download music for free; tips are appreciated, but optional).

Join the Pod People!

cover170x1701If music isn’t your thing, but you like audio, how about podcasts?  There are a number of relevant, progressive and even funny podcast-ers out there.  The following seem to be getting good reviews and recommendations:

  • Red Letter Christians – Tony Campolo and Shane Claiborne host Across the Pond, a radio program aired in the UK on Premier Radio. Across the Pond offers commentary on the Way of Jesus in the world today.
  • Relevant Magazine Podcast – New podcasts every Wednesday and Friday featuring a variety of personalities and topics.
  • The Moonshine Jesus Show – (on iTunes) In the tradition of Will Campbell, the bootleg preacher, we bring you our backyard brew of high octane theological perspectives on pop-culture, politics and Christian culture.
  • The God Journey – An ever-expanding conversation for those living beyond religious performance.
  • That God Show – (on iTunes) Bloggers Benjamin L. Corey and Matthew Paul Turner team up to present a brand new podcast that seeks to create a community for bloggers, thinkers, and people who are interested in civil dialogue.
  • The Liturgists Podcast – The Liturgists are a collective of artists and creators who create sacred art and experiences for the spiritually homeless and frustrated. Their work includes live events, conferences, downloadable worship experiences, and a popular podcast. The Liturgists have an unwavering commitment to creating safe spaces and conversations that explore reality from the perspectives of art, faith, and science. The Liturgists include a diverse set of contributors including Rob Bell, Shauna Niequist, Rachel Held Evans, Amena Brown, Pete Holmes, All Sons & Daughters, and Sleeping At Last.

bulletjournalJourney through Journaling!

Journaling can be a great way to spend a moment focused on your faith walk.  It can be a diary-like record of your thoughts and feelings, or you can try other types of journaling.

  • Like Twitter? Try writing 140-character thoughts, prayers, etc, in a notebook.
  • Are you into memes? Not a problem.  You can search them on Pinterest and Instagram, or make your own.  Take a red-letter verse (in the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke or John) and express it your way at sites like Canva or using phone apps like PicLab.
  • Do you like lists? Try bullet journaling. Pick a theme for the month (example: gratitude), then bullet list one item, thought, goal, etc, each day of the month according to your theme.
  • Need something artistic? Try “Bible Art Journaling“.

Get a plan, man!

YouVersion through Bible.com offers apps and access for your phone, tablet, or computer.  You can read, listen, watch, share, compare between various translations, choose from multiple languages (you can even tell it to turn on the red letter verse option), connect with friends. There are numerous study plans over a wide variety of topics and set to span a few days to a whole year.  And it’s all free. And sends you daily reminders to take a few minutes for that day’s study (if you want it to).


serving-the-lord-bestOccupy The Church!

Yes, I really said that. Occupy.The.Church. (I like saving the best for last.)  When we hear the word, “church”, our first thought is usually a building, a fancy stone cathedral or a quaint white spire-topped wooden structure in the dell.  While I hope you’re spending at least some time each week occupying space in church buildings, it isn’t the same thing.  They’re just buildings and, devoid of people like you, they’re non-functional.

“We” are “The Church”.  You, me, us, we.  The body of believers that follow Christ are the church that we each need to occupy.  And the greatest form of praise and worship we could ever hope to give God is to physically, consciously, purposefully be the hands and feet of Christ.

Whether it’s random or daily acts of kindness, making, carrying and distributing blessing bags to the homeless, or volunteering at shelters … whether its for a family member, friend or total stranger … active, conscious, purposeful service is the truest form of worship, and when you do those things – because you are “The Church” – you Occupy.The.Church.

So get up, get moving, keep calm, and get your worship on, y’all!



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