Song of the Season: Chrysalis

Life is hard, confusing, intense and the future is unknown. Let God’s love and saving grace in, spread your wings, and fly.


This is a great song of transformation, appropriate to reflecting on the experience of new life resurrection makes possible in the hear and now by southern folk singer and Unitarian preacher Meg Barnhouse:

I hope it blesses you!


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Do You Really Believe ALL Are God’s Children?

You matter. You are a child of God. Trust that. Hold on to that, and don’t let go.


“Do you really believe ALL are children of God?” That sentence began a letter from an anonymous mother of a gay teenager. She went on to explain that she did not wish to cause any problems but she was concerned about what her pastor was saying from the pulpit.

Her son loved the youth group.  He was accepted and included by his peers. The pastor, however, had made statements that clearly indicated that her son was at best an inherently flawed child of God, and at worst not a child of God at all, but an “abomination.”

Since she insisted on remaining anonymous and would not identify the church she attended, I could not directly respond to the troubled mother.

Nevertheless, I carried that letter for months and read it in pastors’ meetings. I reminded pastors that the message being communicated by that pastor was “incompatible with Christian teaching.”


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