What if you could study the life of Jesus Christ as it happened using only scripture? What if it read more like a story? What if you broke it down to read a part each day? And what if you could do it independently, online, without ever changing out of your jammies or t-shirt and yoga pants?

That’s the goal of our first daily study, “Seeing Red – The Life of Christ”. Using a section from a chronological bible reading plan focused on the four Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, and on portions of Acts of the Apostles, and the Book of Revelation, we will go through the story of the Life of Christ from the beginning with special emphasis on the red-letter verses, to talk about it, and to help you understand what it means to you.

A Little Background

The Gospels are attributed, through either direct authorship (Matthew, Luke and John) or through penning the memoirs of an Apostle (as Mark did for Peter), to accounts by men who actually knew, lived with, worked with and followed Christ.  Just like you remember conversations, events, and activities with your best friends and family, so did those were alive when Christ walked this earth.  Those personal memories of Christ, based on first person accounts of what He said and did, were recorded for the purpose of sharing the Good News.

All too often when someone asks “what would Jesus do?”, the response is a quote from the Old Testament (Moses, Abraham, David and others who came before Christ) or a quote from Paul who didn’t become an apostle, a member of the team so to speak, until after Christ’s death and resurrection. During our studies on Seeing Red, we will be focusing on the words and teachings of Christ Himself, striving to hear Him as unfiltered as possible without any human “adjustments” for appealing to various cultures.

If we’re going to call ourselves Christians – Christ-followers, we should know what Christ said and did first and foremost, and be able to speak about it with authority.  This is what “Seeing Red” is all about – seeing those first person accounts of what Jesus said and did, learning to follow Him through His own acts, His own teachings, His own life, committing them to memory, and finding a way to share that story with others.  The Gospels, Acts and Revelation are the only books in the bible that directly quote Christ (the red-letter passages), and it is from those red-letter passages that we will be working, through Seeing Red, to model our own walks of faith.

Before You Start

Try watching this video by Fr. Robert Barron.  It may give you some insight into how to interpret what you’re reading:

How Can You participate?

There is no “sign up” or “enrollment” required, nothing to download, nothing to print out, nothing to send in, and no final test (well, kind of there is, but it’s one you study for your entire life). It doesn’t matter if you go to our church or even if you go to church (although we’d love to have you join us).

You can join us online here on our website, by following our Facebook pages, or follow us on Instagram to get your daily dose of Seeing Red: A Daily Study (Facebook and Instagram links at the bottom of this page).  If you have questions, you can contact us or visit us at the MVUMC YAA Small Group any Sunday morning at 10:45 a.m. following Worship Service.

We look forward to your participation!